Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pictures 2010 (2/?)

April 2010 - Misc.

April 2010 - Hiking the Y
Our destination (credit for this picture goes to Eric Dahlin)

View from the Y
May 2010 - Starburst Texas Hold 'Em

Yep, I won :)
May 2010 - Memorial Day Picinic and Croquet

The croquet game was Lexi and I's grudge match. Neither of us won the whole game, but I was ahead of Lexi (for the record :))
Jared and Kyle--the actual victors of our game.
I was told later that Amanda, Kathryn, and Lexi were blatantly cheating in the background since they were so far behind. Kathryn's not cheating here, but she's obviously up to something with that cheeky grin of hers ;)
 June 2010 - Misc.
Hiking/Climbing at Bridal Veil Falls AKA Trying To Kill Emily 2.0
If I had the ability to look straight at a camera, this would be a really cute picture...

Gary the Candy Snell (I was actually quite proud of him)
But I was REALLY proud of this--a perfectly golden brown grilled cheese with caramelized onions, tomatoes, and jalapenos. (Yeah, I should totally have been a chef.)
 June 2010 - Fun with Mentos and Coke

Much more to come...

Pictures 2010 (1/?)

Pictures of what I've been up to this year and commentary--
January 2010 - Blacklight Dance Party

Winter 2010 - Snow

February 2010 - Cookie Creations

February 2010 - Amanda's Birthday

Ice skating - a fun birthday activity in theory...
...Not-so-good in practice if you hurt your knee.

March/April 2010 - Misc.
March 31st--Dropping John off at the MTC.

The patented Grover squinty-eyed faces. It just comes so naturally! :)

Cute blue heeler puppy we treated in my vet clinic class.
April 2010 - Lexi's Birthday

Don't be jealous of Lexi's flaming-cruise-ship of a birthday cake.:)

 April 2010 - Clark County Fair
Roadtrip! Because clearly we have nothing better to do the weekend before finals!

My first time to Nevada!

At Lexi's house.

Didn't expect to find a peacock at a county fair...

I was sure to buy insurance from this duck, he looked trustworthy enough... :)

Awww, cute little goat!

My favorite Lexi-face.
You can kinda tell what's going on in this picture and the next one down...

Standing in line for the zipper. Oh that ride... *shudders*